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Meet Mashaer, our 20,000th orphan

Eight-year-old Mashaer from Sudan is the 20,000th orphan to be sponsored through Islamic Relief.

Both of Mashaer’s parents died so she is being looked after by her grandmother. She lives with her brother and two sisters in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Her grandmother’s house has two rooms and a kitchen, but no water or electricity.

Thanks to a sponsor from France, Mashaer’s family can now afford to provide her with good food, clothes and basic necessities. Sponsorship will also ensure Mashaer continues her education, giving her an opportunity for a brighter future.

As a sponsored orphan, Mashaer will have regular health checks and our Orphan Welfare Officer will be on hand to provide emotional support and encouragement.

IR donors currently sponsor 1,871 orphans in Sudan. But there are thousands more children like Mashaer waiting for sponsorship to transform their lives.

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