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Jordan is a small country with limited natural resources. Much of its landscape is arid desert, leaving only 4% of land suitable for agriculture. Water shortages are a major problem and the problem has been exacerbated by recent droughts.

According to official statistics, 35% of the Jordanian population is made up of Palestinian refugees. Many endure very poor living conditions, and often live without access to clean water or electricity.

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Official Name: Al Mamlakah al Urduniyah al Hashimiyah
(Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan )
Capital: Amman
Population: 5.9 million (2006) - over 60% of Palestinian origin
Population Projection: 2.49% per annum
Languages: Arabic, English
Life Expectancy: 77 years
Infant Mortality: 16.76 out of 1,000 births
Literacy Rate: Male - 91.3% | Female - 86.3%
Gross National Product: US$ 4,700 per capita

Islamic Relief in Jordan

Islamic Relief has been working in Jordan through local partners since 1997. Activities include annual Ramadhan and Qurbani distributions, but the main focus is the Orphans Welfare Programme.

Orphans' Programme

All of the orphans sponsored in Jordan are Palestinian refugees living in the Baqa'a refugee camp, which is situated 20km north of the capital Amman.

Baqa’a camp is the Middle East's largest refugee camp and is home to approximately 120,000 Palestinians. The Baqa'a camp was set up as a temporary measure to accommodate those fleeing the unrest caused by the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967.

IR aid workers hold summer camps for orphans where they enjoy social activities including tournaments in football and tennis.

Vocational training courses also take place in the refugee camp which have benefited orphans and widows. Courses in sewing, computing and other practical subjects are available in the camp.

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