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Behind its spectacular scenery and wildlife, Kenya is struggling with chronic rural poverty. Over 16 million Kenyans survive on less than $1 a day, with rural areas accounting for about 90% of Kenya's poor.

Severe droughts and flooding in recent years have resulted in serious food shortages. Thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihoods, and have been displaced. Without proper sanitation and water supplies, these people are vulnerable to diseases such as malaria and cholera. Over 2 million people in Kenya are HIV positive, while 1.5 million have already died from AIDS.

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Official Name: Republic of Kenya
Capital: Nairobi
Population: 34.7 million (2006)
Population Projection: 2.57% per annum
Languages: English, Kiswahili, numerous indigenous languages
Life Expectancy: 45 years
Infant Mortality: 59.26 out of 1,000 births
Literacy Rate: Male - 85.1% | Female - 79.7%
Gross National Product: US$ 1,100 per capita

Islamic Relief in Kenya

Islamic Relief has been working in Kenya, via a partner, since 1993. IR opened and registered its own offices in Kenya in 2004.

In 2006, Islamic Relief responded to a major drought that affected the whole of the horn of Africa, including Kenya. IR aid workers distributed 30 tonnes of food and set up supplementary feeding centres to help severely malnourished children in the Mandera district.

Orphans' Programme

Islamic Relief has been working with orphans in this poverty-stricken region since 1993. Previously, many of the sponsored children were unable to afford even one decent meal a day. All the orphans on the Sponsorship Programme are from Mandera, one of the poorest areas in the country.

The impact of receiving sponsorship has made a vital difference to the lives of hundreds of orphans and their families.

In a location which is regularly hit by drought, regular sponsorships have meant that orphans and their families have been able to get basic nutrition as well as other needs.

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