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War erupted in Kosovo in 1999, sending almost 1 million people fleeing across the borders. The Kosovo refugee crisis was the worst humanitarian disaster in Europe since World War II.

NATO intervention ended the war in June 1999, and the Kosovars returned to pick up their shattered lives.

Thousands of returning refugees found their homes looted and burned to the ground. Almost half of Kosovo's schools were damaged or destroyed, and thousands of landmines and booby traps were planted across the province.

» Country Statistics «
Official Name: - legal province of Serbia and Montenegro -
Capital: - N.A. -
Population: - N.A. -
Population Projection: - N.A. -
Languages: - N.A. -
Life Expectancy: - N.A. -
Infant Mortality: - N.A. -
Literacy Rate: - N.A. -
Gross National Product: - N.A. -

Islamic Relief in Kosovo

Islamic Relief has been active in Kosovo since 1999. One of IR's goals in Kosovo is to assist the local population and their organisations to achieve self-sufficiency.

Orphans' Programme

Apart from receiving money from donors, sponsored orphans in Kosovo have regularly benefited from other activities and aid distributions. All orphans receive Ramadhan and Qurbani food packages for their families. Orphan summer schools take place every year to provide opportunities for socialising, having fun and building self-esteem.

Children at the camps take part in various sports and games, but also receive guidance on how to avoid smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. All orphans who attend also receive a medical health check-up and first aid training.

In 2005, IR began the "Bring a Smile to an Orphan" project which involves orphans planting decorative plants in gardens in Drenas and Skenderaj. The project aims to clean up the environment and to create awareness in Kosovo about IR's Orphans Programme.

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