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Lebanon is a small country on the Mediterranean coast that is home to 3.6 million people. Its diverse population is made up of many ethnic and religious groups, including Muslims, Christians and Druze.

In addition, Lebanon has seen several large influxes of Palestinian refugees over the last few decades, most of whom have limited legal status.

» Country Statistics «
Official Name: Lebanese Republic
(Al Jumhuriyah al Lubnaniyah)
Capital: Beirut
Population: 3.87 million (2006)
Population Projection: 1.23%
Languages: Arabic (official), French, English, Armenian
Life Expectancy: - N.A. -
Infant Mortality: 23.72 out of 1,000 births
Literacy Rate: Male - 87.4% | Female - 82.2%
Gross National Product: US$ 6,200 per capita

Islamic Relief in Lebanon

Islamic Relief started funding projects in Lebanon in 2000. Islamic Relief formed a partnership with a local organisation in February 2004 to provide sponsorship for Palestinian orphans living in refugee camps. Islamic Relief also responded with emergency relief for thousands of people affected by the conflict in Lebanon in 2006.

Orphans' Programme

The Orphan Sponsorship Programme was launched in February 2005, concentrating on Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon.

Most of the sponsored orphans live in large overcrowded refugee camps in Sidon, Tyre, and surrounding areas.

In addition to receiving the regular sponsorship payments, orphan families are assisted with school fees, and Eid clothes are provided for the orphans. Food parcels are given out during Ramadhan. Educational support is also provided for orphans who have difficulty learning at school. IR donors currently sponsor 695 orphans in 5 different camps in Sidon and Tyre.

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